Master of Science in Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor – Associate Supervised by Fredericka Vyvlecka, PhD, LPC-S

From a young age, I was fascinated by behavior change, motivation, and seeing the world through the other person’s eyes. My counseling style begins with striving to understand and attune with you, your story, and your goals. Throughout the therapeutic process, I will continue to show up for you. My goals are for you to feel seen, heard, challenged, and accompanied. I believe that each individual is a whole person worthy of growth and healing. 
Before the call to become a mental health counselor, my career consisted of providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, and of teaching special education and leadership skills. Due to these experiences, I bring an awareness of the trials and tribulations in discerning your career and purpose in life. As a wife and mother of two children, I offer understanding and support to the beautiful messiness of daily life. I feel honored and blessed to be able to meet with you and work together toward your goals. 
I hold a master’s degree in counseling from Divine Mercy University, a master’s in Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Texas Christian University. In my personal life, I find great joy in spending time with my family. I love to travel, hike, and cook, and occasionally host karaoke nights in the living room. 

No matter where you are on your journey, it would be a pleasure and a privilege to walk alongside you. I know how daunting it can be to take the first step toward healing. I’m here to help. Please request a secure and free consultation below to see if we will be a good fit. 


– Child, Adolescent, and Adult Therapy


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-Relationships Challenges


-Career Issues 

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“We are essentially travelers, on the way we are not yet there. Who can say that he possesses all the being that is meant for him.”

Josef Pieper

“We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake […] by an infinite expectation of the dawn.”

Henry David Thoreau